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Make up bigassed plates for all four of the stanchions and more plates for the secondary winches. Of course your . It wouldn't hurt to pop the chainplates out and check the condition of your bulkhead. . On the J27 it seems to be a wood veneer over some sort of manufactured material (fibreglass, etc.)

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This Viking knit kit will include PDF Digital Instructions on how to use the tools, 1 large D plate, 8 dowel wire guides, one each of the following dowels in an 11 . Place the wooden wire guide you need for your Viking knit project on top of the dowel, make loops through the holes in the guides with spare wire leaving only..

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Nov 5, 2012 . After years of full time cruising the West Coast and the Sea of Cortez, we had a family emergency that required us to get back to the USA for some time. Afte..

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Apr 7, 2013 . Because we weren't satisfied with the mess we'd made installing the chainplates, we decided to break out the big tube of caulk. Dani had discovered another leak in the cap rail further back in the area that we hadn't recaulked. Now we really believe the leak is through the screws that hold the rail to the joint..

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Feb 19, 2013 . It took me ages to develop the way of doing the chain plates as I did not find any documentation on the internet by the time that I was trying to find out . . At first I found some burn marks on the wooden deadeye, but then I covered the wood with a small piece of aluminum foil to prevent the flame from hitting..

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Another issue is that the beam is much shorter on the contest 30 mk 1 than later models like the 29 mk2 but it may be a god idea to make the beam longer like these older models to spread the load what do you think. Also what wood should be used. I will post pictures of the chainplates and mast step..

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by Art Hall #36. Perhaps no subject has incited so many questions and concerns as chainplates; and for good reason. . glassed into the lazzarette effectively burying the fasteners and stainless steel chainplate and making it impossible to . The aft lowers are similar to the forward except that there is a wood block stand-off

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old chainplates are fiberglassed in place in a kinda H shape. had to cut out the lovely teak backs, of the salon cabinets to access them. two plates on . the plates off the port side the knee was all black on the bottom. tried to drill drainage holes but the wood was way to spongy or rotten. even the wood that..

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The chainplates must go down through not outside - the rails and lie right up against the side of the ship. . make your chainplates short enough that they don't go into or below the waterline. Cut all the chainplates to the . you can make one of your own from a length of wooden dowel cut at an angle and sanded smooth

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Nov 14, 2013 . Tom Zydler. Out of sight and out of mind: For many sailors, that's an apt description of their chainplates, the stainless-steel fittings protruding through the deck that anchor a mast's standing rigging wires. . Another matter worthy of consideration is the stainless-steel alloy the boat's chainplates are made of

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Feb 2, 2015 . Chainplates get their name from the old wooden ships that used to use three strand tarred manila or hemp rope (instead of wire) in conjunction with . if a boat has been sailed hard for many, many miles, i.e. a circumnavigation, one should consider having new chainplates made before setting off again

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Jul 3, 2014 . Made a quick video demonstrating how I make chainplates and install them to the hull of a model ship (this is the Imai Golden Hind Kit).hopefully someone w..

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May 8, 2016 . The chain plates are made of Niro-steel and a duct through the cabin roof where they are attached to massive beams made of glass-reinforced fiber which are laminated into the outer shell of the hull. Since those beams are covered in wood and in faux leather (which I took off as the first step of my refit..

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Feb 1, 2016 . Earlier that day he did a rigging inspection for the club's commodore, Joe Coleman. As Julian grabbed the main shrouds and shook them after tuning the rig one of the chainplates let goright there at the dock! No foreboding seas and storm, just a good shake. It sounded like a rifle going off. Now the rig did..

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Oct 19, 2017 . I never found out exactly what happened, but I would bet the chainplates and bolts were in good shape, but had shifted in the rotten wood of the knee. On Bear, we only discovered that our . And once the chainplates are out, inspecting the knees makes a lot of sense as well. If you are lucky, your knees are..

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The original blocking was cut to fit wood. .. So that would make the top of a tall rig Kenyon mast cap about 63'-9" from the designed water line if I did the math right. My mast ... We painted the inside of the hull inside the cabinets and left the 1/4" oak ply trim wood off so we can see how the chain plates are doing at any time

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Feb 11, 2003 . I'm lucky that the chainplate didn't pull out all the way. Now, I'm faced with the choice of either replacing the bulkhead to which the chainplate was anchored(an enormous task), or remanufacturing the starboard chainplate to attach to the same bulkhead lower down, where the wood is still just fine

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Jan 23, 2013 . I removed all the rotten wood including the cabinet shelves and what I could reach in the chainplate attachment after drilling 1" holes through its fiberglass covering and pulling out the rotted wood. I replaced the cabinet shelves/head countertop and tabbed them back to the hull. This sealed the bottom of the..

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Office nameplates generally are made out of plastic, wood, metals (stainless steel, brass, aluminium, zinc, copper) and usually contain one or two lines of text. The standard format for an office nameplate is to display a person's name on the first line and a person's job title on the second line. It is common for organizations to..

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Oct 16, 2017 . Our first View from the Boatyard article in PBO (June 2017) was taken from the following report we made on replacing chain plates on a Moody 35. . Some of the design and build decisions hidden away under spray lacquered veneers and flashy trim really smack of the same get it out of the door quick so..

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Oct 30, 2014 . My concern is that if I make the holes 1/2" when I bend the chainplate to the shape of the hull the hole will be slightly smaller not allowing the 1/2" bolt to . drill into the wood put the lowest bolt in place, force and clamp the piece in place following the bend of the hull, and lastly drill out both chainplate and..

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