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Jul 28, 2015 . rooftop chemical attacks including acids, oils and greases. . Carlisle's FleeceBACK membranes are the ideal choice for buildings that require superior rooftop protection and long-term . Polyiso can be attached to appropriate decking materials with a variety of plates and fasteners or Carlisle's FAST 100

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May 27, 2014 . Normal weight structural concrete aggregate does not absorb significant water (<2% by weight); the material is wetted so as the water to cement ratio is not upset by including dry aggregate. The water to cement ratio is the key to insure complete chemical hydration of the cement powder to concrete with full..

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TPO membranes are made from ethylene propylene rubber and a number of filler materials, such as talc, carbon filler or fiberglass. . Note that the type of fastener used will depend on the type of substrate you have. . You need to be cautious when purchasing a TPO roofing membrane since they are not all created equal

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This section provides a brief overview of the primary roof deck, air barrier, vapor retarder, insulation, and roof covering materials used in the ... used on steep-slopes, the system's fire resistance may be reduced and/or special precautions may be needed when used on steep-slopes

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Jul 19, 2016 . How Much Does A TPO Roofing Membrane Cost? Being a highly durable and long lasting material, TPO comes with a higher price tag than EPDM rubber or built-up roofing. Expect to spend about $6.50-8.00/sq.ft installed, on a normal roof. On roof decks you will spend about $9-11/sq. ft. installed. The cost..

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The details of a flat roof are more complicated than pitched roofs. Their complexity requires training and experience. The various materials and systems are designed to last from 10 to 30 plus years. Some flat roof owners have become accustomed to replacing their flat roof every 10 years. Do your homework before you..

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Whether choosing a roof design for a new home, or replacing/repairing a current flat roof, IKO Industries offers much of the information needed to make informed . Underneath the basics, flat roofs are usually constructed with a ceiling, nailed to joists which support a deck (usually wood in residential construction), a vapor..

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The second number (yy) is the gage of the pan (the bottom flat section with the side seam). Venting. Some materials in building assemblies, including composite or non composite steel deck, may require the deck to be vented. Venting does not impact structural performance of steel deck and has no bearing on fire ratings

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sufficient to counter flotation of the insulation. Additional ballast may, however, be needed in those areas subject to wind uplift, such as exposed perimeters and corners. Aggregate should be replaced by paving slabs: - to form walkways where regular foot traffic is expected. - where the kerb at the roof edge is too shallow to..

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Some types of rolled roofing material are installed by removing the plastic sheet that covers the adhesive, and then just rolling out the material onto the roof deck (peel and stick). Other types of rolled roofing require a torch to heat the adhesive and seal the material to the roof deck (torch-down). The peel and stick types of..

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Imagine that you no longer have to worry about your flat roof no more leaks, no more repairs, no more headaches. .. roof deck; IB can be installed as a water-proofing membrane under a solid wood deck; IB DeckShield* a slip and water-proof, ADA (American Disability Act) compliant decking material can be installed

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I can't count the number of times a homeowner has called me to fix a leaking flat or low-slope roof. If you're a remodeler faced with this situation and you go to the lumberyard to buy materials, they'll probably sell you 17-inch selvage roll roofing and a few cans of cold patch cement and send you on your way. But if you install..

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Apr 16, 2014 . We already know open-cell spray foam is risky in cold climates. Moisture from indoors can diffuse through the foam and find the cold roof sheathing, where it accumulates and eventually rots the roof. As a result, in IECC climate zones 5 and higher, building codes require the use of a vapor retarder if you..

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2002, however, we have operated under the name ASC . ASC Steel Deck. Roof Deck Design Guide V1.0 3 www.ascsd.com. Introduction 1.1. Aesthetic Value of Steel Deck. ASC Steel Deck products offer the beauty of exposed steel as an added ... Venting. Some materials in the roof assembly may require venting of the

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On some older roofs, instead of a rubber roof, a Tar / Built-up roofing material is used for waterproofing. . If you need to repair such a roof deck, you will have to take it apart completely to seal the seams or to redo the roof flashing, and then put everything back . Why you should not use rubber roof (EPDM) for roof decks:

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Besides the amazing longevity of fiberglass flat roofs, we have examples of roofs in Maryland's extreme hot and cold temperature ranges remaining completely intact and leak free for over 25 years! Other advantages fiberglass provides include being lightweight, impact resistant, chemical/fire resistant, and very good as a..

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Jul 24, 2017 . If you're a commercial or industrial building owner in need of a new roof or looking to put up a new structure, it can seem overwhelming as you debate between the many different types of commercial roofing materials out there in the marketplace. How can you know which one is the best choice for your..

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Pro Roofing offers Flat roofing repair using PVC or TCO membranes to protect roofs against standing water in Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond WA and the Eastside. . Polyester reinforcement imparts high tearing and breaking strengths needed for mechanically- fastened roofing systems. Attachment Methods: Fiber glass..

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