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Adjustable Deck Support Systems. Introduction. Designed to level and elevate a variety of substrates. Adjustable deck supports provide a unique alternative to traditional deck building materials. Wood Tile. Concrete Pavers. Stone Tile. 2..

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Product Features. The concept of using concrete pavers as roof ballast, plaza deck and terrace pavers has created new opportunities for otherwise lost space. Roofs and decks can now be functional, as well as attractive. Tile Tech Pavers provide durability, protection and performance for the roof system from harsh weather..

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Tile Tech's IPE Deck Tiles are designed for constructing raised wood decks over exterior roof decks for both residential and commercial applications

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The designs of these custom pieces will be incorporated into your design and will be made of cedar or ipe wood. View Our Rooftop Deck . Pedestal systems are designed to support decking or pavers over any waterproofed roof surface. . This system can support deck boards of any length, eliminating seams between tiles

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Bison Wood Tiles are a modular preassembled rooftop decking system that features beautiful select-cut Brazilian hardwood. Bison Wood Tiles are ideal for blending the beauty and upscale appearance of real wood. They are commercial grade, are constructed with stainless steel screws, and can be periodically treated with..

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Commercial Tile & Paver Products. For larger areas and commercial projects, we supply an exclusive range of Italian made porcelain pavers, Ipe wood structural tiles and pedestal support systems for building elevated decks. porcelain stoneware pavers more..

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Jun 17, 2015 . When I started building decks in the 1970s, quality redwood decking was plentiful, framing lumber was CCA-treated for ground contact, and code requirements for decks were virtually nonexistent. But then the redwood supply dried up in the 1990s, my lumberyard stopped stocking CCA-treated lumber in..

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Pedestal support systems save considerable time and expense compared with building decks using traditional deck foundation structures of bearers are sleepers, which can be particularly important for decks on rooftops in existing high-rise buildings. Even where you may wish to install a traditional wood plank deck, you..

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Since 1994, Bison has led the industry in the design and manufacture of Pedestals and hardwood Deck Tiles that create beautiful rooftop environments. This independently tested, modular pedestal deck system allows rooftop decks to be installed quickly and easily without damaging expensive roofing systems. To see..

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PAVERS & DECK TILES FOR EXCEPTIONAL OUTDOOR SURFACES & ROOFTOP ENVIRONMENTS. Create urban luxury on rooftop decks, patios, terraces, gardens and public plazas with Archi porcelain pavers, structural wood tiles, pedestal support systems and interlocking deck tiles. Elegant Thumb..

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Bison Innovative Products manufactures pedestal system decking solutions for creating outdoor spaces in a variety of applications. Applications include . Bison Deck Supports hold and elevate numerous decking surface materials such as Bison Wood Tiles, concrete pavers, stone tiles, decks on joists, etc. Modular Bison..

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Why Pedestals? Patios or decks with slopes for drainage benefit from the use of a pedestal/paver system. The new deck is safe, attractive, and completely level, while protecting the waterproofing and drainage without any penetration of the waterproof membrane. Pedestal Supported Decking in Northridge, CA. Weller Deck..

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G. Section 077200 Roof Accessories. H. Section 096900 Access Flooring. I. Section 321400 Unit Pavers. 1.3 REFERENCES. A. American Wood Protection Association (AWPA). Guidance Document N Data Requirements for Listing Thermally Modified. Wood. Standard U1 - Use Category System: User Specification for..

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MRP Eterno paver support systems are designed to create a lifted platform for concrete and porcelain pavers, deck tiles, and wood decking and IPE deck tiles. These pedestal supports create a completely level surface that allows for safe walking while allowing for wiring and pipes underneath thus avoiding a tripping hazard..

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B. SECTION INCLUDES: 1. Rooftop Pavers/Tiles. 2. Adjustable Pedestal Supports. C. RELATED SECTIONS: 1. Section 04 22 00 Concrete Unit Masonry. 2. Section 04 40 00 Stone Assemblies. 3. Section 61 50 00 Wood Decking. 4. Section 07 33 63 Vegetated Roof System. 5. Section 07 55 00 Membrane Roofing

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The use of a pedestal paving system for constructing elevated decks has a number of advantages over more conventional construction methods such as wood bearers. Pedestal systems allow more design flexibility and a wider choice of materials, including structural wood tiles, porcelain pavers, natural stone pavers,..

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Ultimate Assembly Wood Tiles - Wood Tiles Wood Tiles made from ipê or massaranduba are a great alternative to concrete architectural pavers in an Ultimate Assembly , providing warmth and charm to any roof deck. These wood tiles are fabricated from very dense, durable hardwoods that exhibit excellent resistance to..

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Create stunning rooftop decks and plaza decks with pedestal paver systems or lay porcelain pavers ongrade for terraces, patio decks and outdoor flooring

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. the answer to difficult edging dilemmas with the AWS Perimeter Pedestal . It snaps together just like the full pedestal system with available component shim pieces. For wood and joist decks. The AWS Joist Plate is the solution to an age-old problem. Durable, versatile pavers as a deck surface withstand the test of time

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Roof and Plaza Pavers. Hanover Roof and Plaza Pavers create serviceable, functional and attractive roof spaces. The pavers provide durability, protection and performance for the roof system from harsh weather conditions. Explore..

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