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Cladding & How It Impacts Building Costs Per Square Metre

Aug 28, 2016 . Claddings are not all created equal. Brick is the cheapest option and is therefore a popular choice for those who are building on a tight budget, and for spec homes. If you were to compare the building cost per square metre for a 200m2 house clad in brick, and a 200m2 home (both measured over the floor..

House re-clad costs in New Zealand | Refresh Renovations

How much does it cost to re-clad your home on a basic budget in New Zealand? When it comes to cladding, perception can be everything. Due to the leaky building crisis, there's still a widespread wariness around the 'chilly bin' houses from the 1990s even those that have been given the all-clear. So whether you're..

Exterior Cladding Options | Guide to NZ's Best Cladding Systems

May 7, 2015 . Traditional brick, modern metal, rustic timber - what's the best cladding system for your home? Read Penny Homes' guide to exterior cladding options

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Decorative films Frosted Glass by Design · Trespa Profix TS20 cladding system Decortech Ltd · Translucent panels Swinson Group · Triboard lining & TGV panels Juken New Zealand Ltd · Decorative wall panels Swinson Group · EasyLap Panel James Hardie · Wrapped acoustic and pinnable wall panels Designer Felt

There's more to selecting a wall or roof cladding than . - BRANZ Build

There's more to selecting a wall or roof cladding than just the initial cost. BRANZ has been examining lifetime costs of claddings so designers can makes more informed choices. BY IAN PAGE, BRANZ MANAGER ECONOMICS short-durability sheet steel options more than the long-life materials. Unpainted sheet metal..

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Specialized are NZ's specialists in exterior plaster panels and premier manufacturers of solid plastering preparation compounds

Choosing a cladding system for your home | Refresh Renovations

Materials matter. The choice of exterior cladding materials has never been greater and there are new products coming on to the market all the time. Award-winning architect Daniel Marshall says choosing the right cladding means taking into account a number of factors: Any cladding must be appropriate for the context,..

Cladding | James Hardie

So whether you are planning to grow your home, revamp your exterior or complete a new build, you are sure to find your perfect match in our range of claddings. . Our advanced fibre cement products are resistant to fire, moisture damage and rot, making them ideal for New Zealand's varied weather conditions

What is the true cost of exterior cladding systems? - Palliside Blog

Mar 17, 2016 . In New Zealand, most cladding materials fall into a similar price range, making it hard to determine the 'true cost' of each option. For example, when comparing the cost per square metre of three popular cladding choices, we found very little difference between each one. Good quality timber weatherboards..

Vinyl Cladding facts - Vinyl Cladding NZ

Vinyl Cladding facts. Our Insulated Vinyl Cladding is a cost effective, insulated exterior cladding for all types of housing, made in Canada and used to create a weather-proof barrier for long-lasting, low-maintenance aesthetics. It is often used as an alternative to traditional wooden weatherboards or other materials such as..

Shadowclad - Plywood Cladding - CHH Woodproducts NZ

Manufactured from sustainably-grown New Zealand plantation pine, Shadowclad can be used as both a strong, yet lightweight exterior cladding or as an internal lining, and has been trusted in New Zealand construction for over 25 years. To download the Shadowclad Specification and Installation Guide for Cavity..

Building a house: The cladding is finally on | Stuff.co.nz

Jun 30, 2015 . I've been promising to talk about the corrugated cladding for a long time. Sorry. But finally, here she is. And while I was climbing all over taking photos of the new corrugate, I got to admire the cedar up close. It still smells delicious. The two different cladding materials together look just as delicious (to me at..

Exterior Cladding Systems New Zealand, Auckland, NZ - Villa Veneer

Exterior Cladding Systems New Zealand, Auckland, NZ: Brick house cladding systems manufactured in Otago, Southland, shipping throughout NZ

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Use Masada cladding for your building jobs. Easy to install, our exterior wall cladding continues to remain an industry best. Call 0508 MASADA (0508 62 72 32)Vinyl Cladding NZ

Benefits of vinyl cladding at a glance. Clading Colours. Mitten Cladding is a cost effective lightweight, Insulated exterior cladding system manufactured in Canada since 1959 with a solid 60-year history worldwide and over 40 years use in New Zealand, making Mitten one of the longest standing pvc exterior cladding..

Top tips for choosing Cladding | Coresteel Buildings NZ

Jun 6, 2017 . Roof cladding. The most common roof cladding used on buildings in New Zealand is steel. You can read more about Coresteel steel cladding options here. Other roof cladding options include concrete tiles, ceramic tiles, slate, shingles and more. The below information focuses on wall cladding

Exterior building materials | Smarter Homes

Exterior building materials include materials for roofing and cladding, walls (including framing), foundations, and window/door frames. Some materials may release emissions . and aerated concrete blocks are imported. Most bricks and clay roof tiles used in New Zealand are imported from Australia and other countries

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45 Listings . Investigate widely for cladding you like that fits with the style of home you're building and with its setting, but don't forget that durability is just as important as . Nu-Wall is an extruded aluminium weatherboard system which has been designed & developed in New Zealand and is manufactured locally for supply to..

Cladding Zero Energy House

The most visible external surface is the cladding. We looked at a number of timber options for cladding the house and decided to go with untreated macrocarpa. Untreated. Macrocarpa is one of the most eco-friendly timbers produced in New Zealand. As we've done at the Zero Energy House, it can be used untreated while..

Wall cladding selection | BRANZ Weathertight

Sep 9, 2014 . Chossing the right wall cladding material for your building to make sure that it remains watertight. . All buildings must be designed and built to ensure that the exterior envelope is weathertight. . Designers need to specify cladding materials not just on an aesthetic basis, but because they are appropriate

How Much A Square Metre? - FlashClad

Building complexity; Ease of installation; Site access; Hill site; Wall heights; Number of storeys; Roof design; Raking cuts above roofs; Roof gables; Roof wall and balcony junctions; Number of windows and doors; Scaffolding; Travel costs; Hourly labour rates which vary throughout NZ. All cladding installers take these..

Cedarscreen by Rosenfeld Kidson: Cedar weatherboards for .

Cedarscreen Cedar Cladding Systems. Cedar weatherboards for exterior cladding. From New Zealand's early pioneering days, stylish no-nonsense timber weatherboards have been inextricably linked to the concept of good building and great architecture. Today's technically advanced building cladding systems and..

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